Awake Gummies (650mg) CBG, CBD, & Delta 9 Blend

$ 30.00

Say goodbye to brain fog, grogginess and lethargy with our Awake Gummies, which offer a carefully balanced blend of 15mg CBD, 15mg CBG and 2.5mg delta 9 THC per piece. All that you need to do is pop a tasty gummy into your mouth, and know that before long, these 3 uplifting cannabinoids will be giving you the boost you need for up to 8 hours at a time. Our Awake Gummies offer a multitude of mouthwatering fruity flavors to choose from, all while giving you the most bioavailable cannabinoid distillates we could possibly craft from locally sourced, organic hemp. Treat yourself to a uniquely delicious way to feel more focused, creative and motivated during the daytime hours.